The staff in the Office of International Relations welcomes interest from international delegations of one or more persons to visit South China Agricultural University (SCAU). Prospective visits are expected to submit a completed INTERNATIONAL VISITOR REQUEST FORM and a brief professional biography of the senior member of the delegation prior to the proposed visit date. Please complete the form electronically, and send it with a biography to fao@scau.edu.cn or to your specific contact person.

  We look forward to responding your request for a visit to SCAU to expand opportunities for mutual collaborations.

About the Proposed Visit
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Total number in the visiting party:

Purpose of the visit:

Brief information about the home institution (example: website, ranking, distinguishing characteristics, links, previous         cooperation with SCAU)

List of Proposed Visitors to SCAU

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In case of limited Internet access, please download the form and send it with a biography to fao@scau.edu.cn.